Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Entry by Kurt:
We arrived at Waukesha Hospital radiology this morning at 7:30 a.m. Took just under an hour to get here this morning. Beautiful day, sun shining really bright and should be in the 70's today.
Mom is in radiology for her PTscan. We're all pretty anxious about it but at least mom was able to get some medicaton to relax her this morning. she was pretty anxious about being put in to an MRI tube but the PTscan is a little different so she felt better about that. The procedure will take about 3 hours so Dad and I are having a cup of coffee at the "java coast coffee kiosk".
Hopefuly mom will be up to having a light lunch after the procedure and before the meeting with the oncologist. that's at 1:15. We're all hoping he'll have results from the PTScan today but we're not holding our breath.
Thanks to everyone for your continued prayers and emails of support. Some have sent cards and I hope you all know how important those communications are at this time.
So some people have asked the question, "how are you REALLY doing?". so I'll tell you. We're all pretty scared. Facing unknowns is not fun and no one likes it. But Mom is a very strong lady and she's ready to face whatever she needs to.

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Angela said...

We are all saying our prayers everyday for her to beat this disease and we know she is a fighter so we know she can do it. Our prayers are with you and your family!