Saturday, May 8, 2010


Entry by Kurt: Met with the radiologist today. Mom has been very nervous about the radiation and the side affects. The doctor and one of the nurses did a pretty good job of outlining the side affects but more importantly, how they treat those side affects. we got to see the room she will be in to receive radiation. They will make a mask with this high-tech plastic stuff that will be placed over her head and shoulders each time she receives radiation. Feels a little like Star Trek.
The weather is pretty depressing here as well. Snow just north of us and cold temps and rain here makes for a dreary day and outlook. But we're all managing to keep it strong. Mom is in a very fighting mood which is key. Now we just have to get her to gain some weight. THAT'S the hard part. She needs to gain some weight and keep nutrition going in during this entire time. So we're making sure she eats a lot of proteins and high calorie foods while keeping down the cholesterol and salts. It's a challenge.

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