Thursday, May 27, 2010


The feeding tube is healing very nicely. It's been a pretty painful ordeal but that's because she pulled a rib muscle on the same side and just a few inches from where the tube goes in. the tube isn't painful it's just the mental picture and the whole "this is freaky" ness of the whole ordeal. It's weird to see a tube sticking out of you and everytime i flush it with water (4 times a day) she doesn't feel it but it kind of freaks her out a bit!
the hardest part was getting the tube turned. We are suppose to give it a whole turn everyday. You can imagine the anxiety over THAT one. But we did it. I actually did it twice today but she doesn't know that until she reads this blog. LOVE YA MOM!!
So tomorrow afternoon is the dry-run for the radiation. She'll put on the pretty, stylish and fashionably appropriate white fence-looking material over her head, neck and shoulders and then they will make sure the machine is programmed correctly to get the exact spots. It kind of reminds me of the whole Family Guy episode when Luke is an eye surgeon and is being prompted to use the force instead of the lazer - but this will have better outcomes. It is pretty Star-Trek-like though. amazing things they are doing with technology and healing.

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