Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14, 2010

Life is interesting no matter how you define or label your situation. Our lives change more often than BP's strategies to clean up the Gulf. The problem is that the more it changes the more we are resistant to that change. We need to welcome change in all its forms in order to embrace life and continue moving forward with the surrounding rhythm of the planet. Otherwise we hang out at the stagnant waters with other grumpy people.

Marcus Aurelius wrote that "at the moment of change, a man's soul takes flight". Change also makes us realize that someday we will leave all that we have worked (or begged) for. At the moment of chance we can not fear what others will think or say and we must be "...ready and welcome it when it is (y)our turn to experience change. For there is nothing like it to heighten your sensibilities and elevate your mind".

Cancer is change. It is change we would rather not face but it happens even in spite of ourselves. What matters is how we face it - with what attitude we raise our shields and swords in battle. Charles Stanley once wrote that "we are in charge of our attitudes" and although we would LOVE to blame our attitudes on other people and situations the bottom line is that we are responsible for them.

It is tough being a son and watching your mom go through this change in life. The temporary changes that it brings to the body are so difficult but the spirit and heart changes are also happening and challenging her everyday to decide how she is going to face it. IN and THROUGH this journey she will continue to change. Her smile may get lazy somedays, she will sleep during the brightest of summer days, and sadness may overcome her heart and mind - but you know what MY mom still does? She thanks people. In the midst of all of this...not only her cancer but watching her husband, the love of her life, fade slowly in to the dusk of Alzheimers - she still manages to say, 'Thank you'.

If you know Barb the word humility may not come immediately to mind. She speaks what she thinks most of the time and she's not apologetic for it, that's for sure. (perhaps more of us should be that way). But there is still a wonderful stream of humility that pulses through her soul. I've seen it. And it reminds me that although change WILL come - in whatever form - take a moment to be thankful for what you have today.


Anonymous said...

I am thankful for my mom and dad you are both wonderful and I love u

Jamie said...

It's such a blessing to see such a beautiful smile on your face in your pictures it's very touching...Not only is your family by your side but God is walking beside you on this journey you face. I know that despite all the physical challenges that come your way your pictures reflect your determintaion and happiness you seem to find. You are a very strong and admirable women and I know you will never give up hope. I will keep you and your family in my prayers and I do think of you often although I have never met you. Keep smiling and hold onto your faith because when you are down to nothing, God is up something.

Ashley said...

i kno u dont kno me....btu i call terri ma...but i wanted to let u kno tha i pray for u every nite n hope u stay strong.....i also wanted to let u kno tha i regularely donate my hair for ppl who need wigs......i just donated it actually but i just wanted to let u kno tha more ppl lov ya n pray for u than u just might kno .... lol .....