Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 22, 2010

Bad rains this morning and then they stopped just as dad and I left for the doctor. As soon as we got home the tornado sirens went off. Major flooding all over the place including upwards of 4 feet of water closing I43 in Milwaukee. just amazing. We spent about 20 minutes in the basement/garage area. Here's a photo of the deluge running in to the basement through the garage door.

Mom has been spending most of the day resting in and out of sleeping.  moving to the basement made her a little more nauseus than we would have liked but better to be safe than sorry. 

Dad's appt went well.  They are going to be scheduling an MRI and a few additional tests.  The doctor asked him some basic questions and the only one he couldn't answer right away was to name the current president.  He was on the Echelon patch but we all decided it wasn't doing any good so we stopped usage of that today. 

We had a great talk and one of the oddest parts of Alzheimer's is knowing that you "have something" but not being aware of what that something is.  He knows he forgets once in awhile but other than that is not really aware of any of his other symptoms. 

We made the difficult decision today to take Dad's driving privileges away.  He isn't happy about that but he trusts us.  Both the doctor and I talked to him about it and Dad agrees that if we both feel that his short term memory issues could mean he is a danger behind the wheel, then he will not drive.  That's a tough talk for anyone to have with an older parent.  I didn't expect to have that kind of talk for at least another 10 15 years.  Dad is only 69 and in the world of dementia that is not old at all.  So we will continue to work on as much as possible.

As I have mentioned often, this blog is for both my parents and our hope is that someone will find some comfort or affirmation from this blog.  We do not go through cancer or Alzheimer's or any of these life-altering diseases alone - at least we pray that we'll never have to do it alone. 

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