Friday, July 23, 2010

July 23, 2010

The time is 4:15 a.m., and the sound of the lonely train is sneaking through the village.  I find myself sitting in a chair next to mom, holding her hand, praying, begging God for some rest and relief from the pain for mom. 
She came to my room to get me which, for mom, is a huge deal.  She will do anything not to disturb anyone.  But the pain is just to much.  Every swallow and movement in her throat feels like shards of glass followed by a glass of pure alcohol.  The salivary glands are officially on strike and what remains is a thick, unmanageable string of something.  It's easier to try to spit it out but it's more of a task of pulling it out then just spitting.  The thrush coats her tongue and mouth and won't seem to disappear.  For the first time I almost cry for her.

I'll call the doctor as soon as regular operating hours commence.  I'll tell him we have to have something more to get her past this.  I have no doubt they have something else.  They have been amazed that the only thing for pain she has used so far is hydrocodone and some nausea medication.  It works for a few hours but something has to give.  she still does her mouth rinses like she is supposed to - but can you imagine how it feels knowing you are going to rinse your mouth and instinctively sometime in the process your throat muscles are going to try to swallow - and the immense pain that follows...

Please pray for continued healing and relief from this pain she is in.  Thank you.


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i love u mom

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