Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 27, 2010

Dad and I are here at the hospital with mom.  She will be here a few more days.  She has pneumonia in both lungs.  Not sure how they developed but we are treating it which is important.  She managed to tolerate a little bit of the food supplement through the g-tube today and she got to take a short walk with dad down the hall.  I haven't seen the doctor yet today but will hopefully run in to him before we leave.

Not much time (or energy) to do much writing today.  Mom received several beautiful cards in the mail and we brought them in to show her.  she loved them all.  Included was a photo of us when we were really little and mom is holding me.  It was sent by her brother-and-sister-in-law, my Uncle Keith and Aunt Sylvia and it said, "who is holding who now?"  It was really cool.  Thank you to everyone who has sent cards.  It brightens things up a lot.

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