Monday, October 11, 2010

October 11, 2010

No more chemo.  No more radiation.  No more daily trips to the hospital (70 miles round trip).  No more packing lunches.  No more g-tube feeding.  And no more cancer.  Today the doctor declared mom to be cancer free.  What a milestone in all of our lives.  Just because we are cancer free today does not mean we are out of the woods and every three months we will go for tests to make sure it does not come back.  If she is clear for 5 years, we are 100% cancer free.

Today was a fun day for dad.  After a pretty rough day of not really being sure of where he was (we did a lot of driving around today) and with some short term issues this afternoon around the house, we had a GREAT blessing from his brother and my Uncle, Keith, in New Hampshire.  Uncle Keith went to his high school reunion and sent photos of where he and dad grew up, where they played, where they picked up newspapers for their newspaper route, and where they bought 25 cent ice cream cones and sat on the sidewalk to eat them.  Uncle Keith has been sending a lot of photos to help dad walk down memory lane.  He does a pretty good job of recalling them.  It's also great that he has the opportunity to share that with his children, too.  And some of the stories we have heard already should be written down!

Our prayers are not over - the fight is not over - we have a rest while mom gains her strength (and her hair!).  We are all hoping for a quiet winter.  Blessings to you all.  This blog will continue to keep you up to date on mom and we'll be including more about dad's Alzheimer's as we travel down that road.

And Mom, in case I have not told you lately, I'm very proud of you.  You put up one hell of a fight and you won.  So rest for the coming month or so - regain your strength.  And as you and dad taught me - don't forget to stop and watch the clouds roll by once in awhile.  We love you.

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