Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4, 2010

Today we head to the hospital once again for more radiation.  We have six more treatments and then hopefully that's the last we'll have to see of that.  There is always the haunting question which will be answered each time Mom has an MRI:  is it gone?  We pray, we stay positive, and we hope.

Dad had an eventful day yesterday. It is so vitally important for people with Alzheimer's to try and create new memories.  It's so tough because short term memory loss is what we are battling.

Terri, Ryan and her daughter Crystal took Dad to a farm to see the animals and pick out pumpkins.  Dad brought home a 13.5 pound pumpkin!  They spent time with chickens, bunnies, goats and even saw a camel.  A trip to McDonald's at the end was the perfect way to wrap things up.  Dad had a great time as you can see from this photo!

There is a song from the 80's that was popular in church groups and for some reason one line continues to ring in my head lately:  "I may not know what the future holds but I know who holds the future".  That is so true and when you are walking in to the abyss of Alzheimer's you really don't know what to expect.  We hear stories, we have friends who have experienced it - but each case seems to be different.  We have no idea what bumps will appear in the road, what obstacles, or even if those evil flying monkeys will even appear!  But what we do know is that Dad made a memory yesterday and with continued conversation and photos, we pray it is a memory he will continue to hold on to and treasure.

Remember to go make a wonderful memory with your loved ones today.  Your memories are one of the few things that no one can take from you.


әnkı said...

You weighed the pumpkin? o.O

Anonymous said...

Doesn't everyone?