Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 23, 2010

What a weird day it was today - yesterday we were outside walking and enjoying 60+ degree weather and this morning, it dropped 40 degrees!  We had ice on the driveway and snow flurries through out the day.

We arrived at the hospital today for mom's ct-scan to determine if the cancer is still gone or if it has decided to show up again.  No results until tomorrow.  We were immediately greeted by the wonderful volunteer coordinator at the main desk.  She and mom say hi every single time we go there and today was no exception.  This lady truly makes your day when you walk in the door.  Always a smile, always a hello, and willing to point the way should you get lost.  It is hard to find GREAT people and to find them that volunteer their time is even better.

My grandmother, Dad's mom, was a volunteer at the hospital in Florida for years.  She received many awards and praises for her work.  I always knew her as someone with a quick smile.  She may have had a lot on her mind and thinking about this and that but she always knew when you needed a smile.  And on those very rare days that it may have been difficult to smile, a simple hug and kiss on the cheek was all that was needed to brighten her day.  I remember the smile of all of my grandparents and my great aunts, and even my uncles and aunts.  Such a simple thing to do, isn't it?  Smile.  But so hard to find them these days.

I like it when I throw people off.  You walk down the hallway or in the store, and coming at you is someone with a lot on their mind, a grumpy old face, and an attitude to match.  And then they make the mistake of looking at you for just a quick moment.  That's when I flash them a smile.  Ruins their bad mood - I love it!  and I never had to say anything.  Sometimes you can hear them grumbling, "what you got to be smiling about, mister?"  Hee hee hee

So today's test took about 30 minutes and we will go tomorrow for the results.  A few shopping errands on the way there will help take our minds off of the current health issues for a bit.  Smiles from the the volunteer lady and a few people on the walk down the hallway.  A smile from the doctor's nurses.  And a smile from the nurse who takes mom's blood pressure and asks her questions before the doctor comes in - and then the doctors' smile.  And then the news...we wait.  We all wait.  Waiting...but with a smile.

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