Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 24, 2010

The night before Christmas we bundled up in our warm jackets, grabbed a few blankets for the truck, and headed to the County Fairgrounds to go see the Holiday Lights.  It was a nice display.  Admission was either $10 or a bag of groceries.  We found two bags of groceries to bring from things we have had on the shelf and have not been eating.  We know there are so many hungry people out there and we were happy to be able to do that.
Dad had a great time especially remembering holidays as a child and the lights.  He was talking about how his mom used to put up the electric candles in all the windows every year.  We drove around and looked at holiday lights.  The lack of them is probably reflective of the economy. No money to spend on lights and decorations and no money to pay for the extra electric bills.

even the fish had a good Christmas!
Afterwards we went to my sisters' house to say Merry Christmas to all the kids.  It's tough to visit because they have little colds so we had to stay in the truck and pass 'virtual hugs' through the window.  We are very thankful that Terri continues to explain to the kids all about cancer and the immune system.  They do a good job of helping to keep Nana healthy.

It was a quiet Christmas day at home, just the three of us.  Lovely phone call from my brother then my sister.  And Dad's brother, Uncle Keith and his family called.  That was great to speak with them.

I made a turkey and some veggies and pies.  I was proud that mom did a pretty good job of eating today.  GO MOM!  It's so hard when the taste and smell of food just turns your stomach.

Mom got her snuggie!
Mom got a Snuggie and a few other gifts this year.  We only had one Santa hat so each time it was your turn to have a photo taken, we threw the hat at you!  The Snuggie works at helping to keep her warm.  She is so cold all the time.  But she used it today and it worked.  We didn't have the heat up near as high as we have had to.

Dad got a puzzle with BIG pieces
Dad got a puzzle with BIG pieces this time. The one we got him a few months ago had small pieces and that was pretty much a disaster.  He got some other games and books to keep him busy and some nice shirts.

All in all it was a nice quiet day.  Mom is still dealing with the cold and it is very tough for her this year.  I must admit the cold is being pretty brutal to me this year as well and my psoriatic arthritis is in full force this month.  Mom has also been dealing with shakiness and trembling, a result of the radiation.  We are told it will pass but for us it can't pass soon enough.  It really bothers her.

Needless to say, I'm sure, but we are all so extra thankful to be with one another this Christmas.  We have truly been exploring the true meaning of family and friends and Christ.  We are thankful that through Him we receive our strength.  We are thankful that God's grace has been sufficient for all of us and that He continues to heal all of us.  I am remembered that God will never lead us where His Grace cannot keep us and for that Grace we say, AMEN!

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