Monday, January 31, 2011

January 29, 2011 Dad's 70th Birthday

What a tremendous time we had to celebrate Dad's 70th birthday.  Some of the grandkids were here as were Terri and her boyfriend, Ryan, and Jayden was able to be here for it. We had a great time talking and playing games and opening presents.  Dad got a Wii for his birthday and they are loving it. They spent almost 3 hours playing golf and bowling today.  I know the energy did Dad a lot of good.  He seemed to be smiling more today and this afternoon.  He was actually up to joking around a little bit today - something we haven't seen in awhile.
Enjoy the photos - they speak for themselves.

No candles so we stuck  a match in the cake and had to
sing Happy Birthday really, really fast!

Terri, Ryan, Crystal, Kayla, Bruce, Barb, Kurt, Jayden

First introduction to the Wii gaming system

Think the kids are more excited about the Wii 

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