Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Battle Continues...

The cancer is back and this time it has an attitude problem.  Two separate MRI’s today have shown us what we feared. The cancer is throughout the lymphatic system.  A PTScan in a few days will probably confirm what the doctors’ suspect – that the cancer has taken up residence throughout her body.  We know the cancer is not in her bones and has not affected her lower internal organs (bladder, kidney and bowels).  The PTScan will tell us the rest of the story.

Mom continues to be in pain but we are managing the pain right now.  The next step is chemotherapy.  The chemo will actually help mom feel better, take care of some of the pain, and prolong her life a little longer.

The doctor was honest as well as caring and compassionate as he told us that Mom will die of this cancer.  If we do not do chemo it will be as quick as two to 3 months.   Chemo will prolong and could give her up to an additional 6 or eight months. 

We knew from day one that we were dealing with an aggressive cancer.  It is unbelievable how aggressive, how fast, and how it can out-smart us.  All the technological advances in this world and we still cannot figure out how to beat this and other types of cancer.

Mom is still strong although physically weak and tired.  She is still in fighting mode.  She is my hero.  She is the most amazing person I know.  She is the brightest star in my sky. 

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