Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Foot Care Day

Scene outside Dad's window.  He sits in
his chair and this is what he gets to see.
Today was the first big snow fall of the winter.  And wow were the flakes HUGE!  As I walked in to the place Dad lives I was greeted by several of the ladies who talked about how Dad is such a wonderful part of the exercise group! They go upstairs to get him and walk him down to the community room.  Dad puts out the chairs in a circle and does the exercises with them. Then he helps clean up when they are done.

Foot Care day for Dad
We followed up with Dad's foot care today.  Another day of soaking and caring for them.  This time he let me help him cut the nails which is something he didn't want me to do but then he realized he was having difficulty reaching down that far.  He said, "wow - I'm shrinking but my feet keep getting farther and farther away!".  Gotta love his humor.

As the winter closes in I need to be extra diligent in making sure he has a supply of food and toiletries.  I have been pretty good at stock-piling dry goods for him.  There may be days at a time when I'm just not able to get to him.  Interestingly enough there are really only two ways to get to Dad's from here and that's assuming they have plowed our little private road we have to drive down to get out of our place.  Then I have to navigate two really steep hills and some days it just might not be possible.  VERY thankful for the people in his community AND especially the amazing lady who is the manager there - Jill.  Jill if you are reading this - I agree with what that lady said.  Your mom would be very proud of all that you do for others.

Mom's Urn on the same table with
her favorite stuffed animals!
Speaking of Mom, she is never far away in our hearts, that's for sure.  Each morning and night Dad wraps both hands around Mom's urn and tells her how much he loves her and misses her.  He kisses her picture which is next to his bedside every night as well.  Their love has always been an incredible story and continues to be even today.

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