Wednesday, May 12, 2010


As you an see, mom is in pretty good spirits. No side affects yet but that won't come right away. She takes frequent walks around the chemo ward and visits with patients. She talked for awhile with a lady that was just receiving her first day of treatment. She was pretty nervous and mom did a great job of relieving some of her first-time fears.

Another day of chemo and this one not as long as the other. So the schedule for the chemo is 3 days in a row, every three weeks, for about 3 months. The first day of each cycle will take about 6 hours, the other two will take 3 hours each. When the radiation begins, she will go in 5 days a week for a few hours each.

Dad decided to get a jump start on support by having his head completely shaved. You may be saying, "what hair?" but he did have some in the back that he shaved off. Now father and son look even MORE alike!

Here are some pictures of the other great nurses we met today and of mom receiving her chemo.

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