Saturday, May 15, 2010


Today was a milestone on the journey - it was haircut day. So all three of us piled in to the car and headed to West Bend. Here's the before shot. And here is one with Cindy, the hair stylist. She was a lot of fun! They ALL were. We had a good time talking and telling jokes and a tiny bit of gossip along the way, too!

We took a few during shots and then the great after shots! Mom LOVES the new cut and we all agree she looks GREAT.

And now the big unveiling...ladies and gentlemen, give it up for BARB'S NEW HAIRDOOOOOO..............................

You probably notice the bruising on the first picture near mom's collarbone on her right side. That's where the med-port was put in. She has no pain there anymore, just the bruising which will go away over time.
You'll notice one of the cancer lumps just under her right jawbone on the last picture. that's one of the tumours. We should see that get smaller very early on in treatment.

This was a HUGE step for mom and she pretty apprehensive but she absolutely loves the new look. It's safe to say she has found a hair dresser she really likes and when her hair grows back, that's where we'll be headed. Thanks, Cindy and everyone at A Touch of Class hair salon in West Bend, Wisconsin. They ALL ROCK!!


Kurt said...

Mom, you look fantastic! always with that smile even in the midst of pain. You are an amazing inspiration and we all know you'll beat this. We love you!

Anonymous said...

You look simply marvelous, mother, wonderful love u

enki said...

I loved the new do.