Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 29, 2010

Mom showed minimual progress today.  temperature is lower but the infection is still there.  She is up to 1 full can of food a day so only 4 more to go.  We are all pretty sure she will be there through the weekend but we all want her better so we're not in a rush just to get her out the door of the hospital.

You know - there are people all around us that notice us.  But its usually not how we think they notice us - we worry about our hair and our weight but I think more people notice our spirit.  That's true for mom - people notice her spirit above anything else.  Let's face it - she has no hair, she has a tube sticking out of her belly, her neck is red and peeling, and all sorts of other things that would make any of us scared to be seen in public - but once mom got past the vanity part (like we all would have to) her spirit began to shine through a little brighter.  Nurses aren't so reluctant to come to her room.  they don't mind bringing an extra pillow and even bring Dad a cup of coffee each morning.  They don't mind because her spirit is shining through.  She has left enough of her self behind in the radiology room that now people are seeing, well, love. 

we could all stand to learn a few lessons from this experience.  Smile more, open a few doors for people more often, stop complaining about what we dont have and focus more on what we do have -- keep in mind that there's a good possibility that, like Michael W. Smith once wrote, we may be completely unaware that we are entertaining angels.

Maybe there's a light in my soul

Maybe it flickers like a neon sign outside an abandoned hotel

Maybe there are things you just can't know

But can you say there are no mysteries in the house you choose to dwell

Maybe we are entertaining angels unaware

Maybe there's a place where we will fly

But some say god is dead like nietzsche said and faith has made me a fool

But maybe there is more than meets the eye

Who's that stranger there beside you? don't be smug and don't be cruel

Maybe we are entertaining angels unaware

Battles of the heart and of the mind

We stay caught in mental purgatory 'til our existence can be defined

Meanwhile on the shores of parallel

There may be a holy conference held somewhere discussing all mankind

Maybe we are entertaining angels unaware

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