Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6, 2010 GREAT NEWS

Mom had another round of radiation today and then we spent time with Dr. Hake the Oncologist. (Yes, Terri, he's the cute doctor!) He said he's very happy with her progress and that next week will be the last week of chemotherapy! Only 8 more radiation treatments to go and then she has time off to recupirate. We have already scheduled a follow-up scan on August 25th to take a look around and make sure all that nasty cancer is outta there! Mom is flying high today and this was such a needed dose of energy and encouragement.
We can expect continued side-effects including more difficulty swallowing and redness in the neck. Fatigue will be a huge factor the next coming weeks. She will still require 6 tube feedings a day but we're closing in on the final stretch! What a trip this has been. So let's keep the prayers and support going because she has said time and time again that without it - she's not sure if she would have made it this far.
Love to everyone and if you get a chance, please send her a note either by leaving a comment here or emailing me kurtdanskin@officeremotecontrol.com and let her know you're cheering her on to the finish line!!

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