Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 31, 2010

At the writing of this blog it is only 14 minutes in to August 31 - the last day of August.  I would ask the typical "where did summer go" question but for us here in Wisconsin it has been a long, grueling, sometimes scary summer.  Mom's hair is showing signs of coming back but the reality is that it will disappear before it gets a chance to come in because radiation begins soon.  We don't have a start date yet but we're just waiting for the phone call so we can start that process.  The doctor and nurses tell us that the burn won't be anywhere near what it was on her neck.  They say the side affects are minimal.  We have to watch her eyes closely as radiation to the brain can cause cataracts.  We also have to watch her hearing which has already been affected a little bit by the radiation.  A trip to the hearing guy will be in order for both mom and dad in the early fall.
It must be extremely tough for mom right now - she has overcome yet she feels a huge setback by having to go through yet another round of radiation.  She knows it is the smart thing to do and it is safe but still you have questions and afterall its her body - not ours.  It's her brain being radiated, not ours.  The doctors assure us that no cognitive affects will occur.
We did some shopping this morning and tomorrow we'll go for a drive in to Milwaukee and do some window shopping and maybe a short walk along the lake depending on the weather.  It has been pretty darn hot here in Wisconsin the past couple of days and mom has to say out of the direct sun.
We are in such a holding pattern right now but as soon as we hear about the next step we'll let everyone know.  More to come soon on the Alzheimer's but suffice it to say that Dad is doing ok.  He has an appointment with the neurologist next week and hopefully we'll get some answers.

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