Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 31(b), 2010

no one told us about this part.  It might be easier to understand and follow and accept had they given us an idea that this is what would be next.  Radiation to the brain?  The whole brain?  I totally get it that it's preventative because the cancer cells love to migrate there.
So here are the options:
* Brain radiation - 60% of patients who do NOT get this, will get a tumor in the brain.  of the people who DO this, 20% will still get a tumor.  You can only radiate the brain ONCE.
* No brain radiation - do MRI'S regularly.  If tumor shows up and its not to big and hasn't fully attached itself to important brain parts:  cyber knife is an option.
Mom is not  a happy camper right now.  You fight and fight - you win the battle.  Just to find out another enemy has been waiting for you around the corner.
Please pray for Mom. This is not an easy decision and we're seeking advice, input, prayers, research, etc.  We'll get another opinion.  I've gone online and have joined a few doctor-supported support groups and am collecting their opinions as well.
1)  Does it make sense to radiate the brain when nothing is wrong?
2)  Preventative is one thing but radiation can do damage and will kill brain cells - is the cognitive risk worth it?
3)  If we do nothing and the cancer does decide to show up, it could have some long-term cognitive consequences as well as consequences from any procedures to get rid of the cancer.
4)  If it was your brain - you think clearly - you have no cognitive issues - would you agree to preventative radiation of the brain?

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