Monday, November 29, 2010

November 29, 2010

It is late on a Sunday night, almost midnight, and I have to get up early today to take dad to the neurologist.  We finally have our follow-up meeting after dad had his MRI and CTscan to determine if there is an identifiable health issue or if we are confirming a diagnosis of Alzheimer's.

I have been doing some research on this disease and I feel like I'm getting a disease just by reading all the materials.  My head aches after reading so many medical journals and reviews and blogs.  It is all pretty overwhelming but they all end with the same line:  there is no cure.

Why does this happen to people?  And what cosmic comedian thought it would be a good idea to inflict this type of illness on the people we love?  What life elements attributed to this disease or is it just something you will get and nothing can stop it?

The latest research involves an imaging of the brain at the very moment a memory is made.  It is absolutely fascinating to consider.  You can actually see the strands of protein being formed.  Check out this article for yourself:

We know that nutrition plays an enormous role in keeping us healthy or making us unhealthy.  We believe that mom's strict diet during chemo and radiation have added to her recovery.  Her blood test results this early in the process are NOT indicative of someone who just when through both treatments - at the same time.  Her blood counts are within normal range with just a slight dip in potassium. In fact her oncologist was pretty surprised because the report 'should' have showed a lot of lows in other areas.

So what does Dad's blood say about him?  And what nutritional changes can we be making?  That is one of the things we will discuss with the doctor.  Unfortunately, most of them right now just seem to make the patient feel a little better but not actually GET better.  And it makes those of us doing the care giving feel a lot better as well.  But feel-good does not equal BE-good.

I have met a lot of people who seem to have the answers but no one has the cure.  Bits and pieces of information are important but what is the ultimate answer and what is the right path to choose?  We don't know yet but hope to find out.   In the meantime we continue to support him, love him, and watch him.  To make every day a special day and one to remember.

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