Friday, December 3, 2010

December 3, 2010

The Thyroid is located in the neck, around the area of the Adam’s apple.  Since mom had radiation to the neck, it stands to reason that the thyroid may be affected.  Mom has developed hypothyroidism which means her body is not making enough thyroid hormones.  So she is on some medication that will hopefully kick-start her thyroid in to working property.
Several symptoms occur with hypothyroidism and many times can go undetected for months because they can take awhile to appear.  At first they may seem like small annoyances but after awhile they start to pile up. 
Feeling tired and weak is a typical symptom but because mom as on chemo and radiation at the same time, who knows what was caused by a thyroid taking a vacation and the treatments.  Dry skin and brittle nails is another sign, mild memory issues, and not being able to stand cold.  Mom has spent pretty much the entire time in the house under a few blankets and a space heater aimed at her. 
It is a mild obstacle and one that we will get through just fine.  They’ll keep monitoring it and making adjustments as needed.  We are hopeful the thyroid will come back in full function soon enough.
A simple question for our readers:  since you know someone going through cancer, are you now more likely to take better care of your health and avoid known cancer-causing habits and environments or do you just feel lucky?  

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