Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 17, 2011

Mom had a CT Scan on the 14th and results came back yesterday.  Clean report.  In fact, her blood work does not look like she ever had chemo or radiation!  We could not be more excited and more proud of the work she has done!

Dad's eye has healed and the retina has now fully reattached itself.  We were able to return the "ugly chair" that he had to sit in for three weeks.  His eye is still blurry but we are hopeful that his sight will return in the coming weeks.  He could not be happier that he doesn't have to have his head down any more!

The weather is improving here and we hope it is where you are as well.  We are sure that another spring snow storm will fall upon us before it is all over but knowing that spring and summer are getting closer does us all well.

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