Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pitter Patter of Little Feet

What a fun two days it has been.  Well we did it - ok, Kurt and sister-in-law Linda did it.  They have been in cahoots for awhile now planning this out.  Yesterday Kurt said he would be gone for the day and actually drove to Indiana to meet Linda half-way where they transferred a big surprise from Linda's car to Kurt's.

We got a dog.  she is a full-bred bishon, white, female, 5 years old.  and just adorable!  her name is Rita.  We went to the doctor today.  Here is Rita's doctor, Eli, with his two dogs...obviously they are not as brilliant as Rita is but they'll do in a pinch!  (Rita made me type that!).  He's really great and gentle and according to Rita he has warm hands which is always appreciated.  He did a great examination and she passed with flying colors.

Here is a picture of the GREAT staff they have.  They didn't pose for us here but that would have been nice.  This is a photo from their website.  If you need a Vet in this area you have to look them up.  amazing people!

So now Rita is home and resting.  she is a GREAT dog.  We have had absolutley no issues with her.  She loves to ride in the car but sits in her own seat and doesn't try to run around or get in your lap. She is content.

We're off to the beauty salon and puppy day spa on Saturday for a morning workout, bathe, trim, nails, etc.  She's looking forward to it but we're looking forward to that new-doggie smell!
so here she is:

We'll publish more later. She's a bit camera shy right now!

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