Sunday, April 10, 2011


As you can imagine, things have been running pretty smoothly around here lately.  All of Mom's tests continue to come back negative for cancer.  She continues to exercise daily and is doing a great job of maintaining her weight.

Dad is doing well.  His fuse is pretty short these days and he seems to get frustrated very quickly.  We have a follow-up appointment later this month to see if there is anything we can do to help with these sudden mood changes.  It isn't fun and it cannot be fun for him, either.  We struggle on a daily basis with participation and conversation.  he still sticks to his morning and noontime rituals which is a great thing to have.

Rita has been a tremendous source of companionship and joy.  She is a great dog and doesn't get in to things she shouldn't.  She loves to play but only for short periods of time and then is content to lay down.  Mom, Dad and Rita take a couple of walks everyday not that the weather is nice.  It is nice to see them walking again. They have missed that during the cold, icy winter months.

Rita had a nice time at the beauty parlor and spa.  She received a nice warm bath, her nails were worked on and she got a nice cut.  She opted for a nice tight cut this time but we'll convince her to grow it out a little more next time.  Not so sure she's keen on the bow in her hair.

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