Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I am blessed to be a witness to God's grace and mercy poured out in abundance.  It is rare in this life that we see these moments even when we are intentionally seeking them out.  I was not seeking them but i found them, experienced them first-hand, and embraced them.  At each turn during the past couple of days - ever since we first took Mom to the emergency room on Friday - God's mercy and grace have been extended to Mom, Dad, and their kids and loved ones.

The preliminary test results of the tumor that was removed from mom's brain are back:  cancer.  It really isn't a surprise but we know what we are facing now.  We have a name and it happens to be the same exact name we had two years ago:  neo endocrine tumor.  Rare and aggressive, we will treat this one just like the other one:  radiation.  We will treat it quickly and heavily.  We will fight this and we will continue to win.

Mom is a fighter and she is telling everyone that we will kick this.  We will meet with the providers tomorrow and talk about our plan of action.  She will be evaluated and we will establish an action plan to get her back home.  And we will continue seeing and feeling mercy and grace at every corner.

We hope as Christians to be able to see some type of good thing come from every experience, bad or good.  we hope that somehow, someone will be a witness to the mercy and grace-full-ness of God even in the midst of sorrow, of grief, of pain...I have seen it and know it is even happening right now in spite of our humanity.

I do not believe that God causes bad things to happen.  I do believe that God can and does work with all situations and works them out to good.

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