Monday, November 14, 2011

Mom is still tough. She still wants to fight. 

I need to keep it simple. Sometimes it IS possible to share news without going in to great detail – without trying to solicit a moment or a response or an emotion.    So here it is:  simple.

The doctors performed surgery on Sunday morning to remove a 3.5 mm X 5.7 mm tumor from Mom’s brain.  It was sitting on the outer edge of the brain placing pressure on both the skull and the occipital lobe (which controls sight).  They spent 12 hours working to get the swelling down and once it did they went it. Four hours later we got the news that the surgery was successful.

Mom spent 48 hours in ICU and then was transferred to the 4th floor – neurology.  The work now begins over the next 2 to three days to map if any of her brain was damaged by the tumor or the surgery.

Many of you have asked how I am doing and that moves me every time.  I will write more – I promise myself, and you, and my mom and dad. 

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